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Simple Green Clean Building ( Green Seal Products- Non-toxic & Biodegrable Concentrates/Can Be Used With or Without Proportioning System

Features & Benefits: 。Green Seal certified GS-37 。Non-toxic & biodegrable concentrates 。Color & number coded for easy-use proportioning system 。Can be used with or without proportioning system Product Line: 。All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 。Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate 。Glass Cleaner Concentrate 。Carpet Cleaner Concentrate 。Cases of 2 X 1 gallon

Foaming Crystal - Simple Green Safety Towels  - No Color & No Added Scent/Non-toxic & Biodegradable

Foaming Crystal Features & Benefits : 。Non-toxic & biodegradable 。Non-hazardous & non-flammable 。Non-abrasive & non-corrosive 。No color and no added scent 。Clean rinsing Product Application : 。Safe for use on metals, finishes, plastic, rubber & other surfaces. Great for hard-to reach surfaces. Safety Towels Features & Benefits : 。Quick and versatile 。Pre-moistened with Crystal Simple Green 。Non-toxic, biodegradable fluid, safer, non-citrus formula 。Dual-sided: non-abrasive soft scrubbing sides 。No color and no added scent Product Application : 。Safety removes: grease, oil, wet paint, carbon, graphite, tar, soot, etc. Safe to use on : metals, finished wood, laminates, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic, stone & more

ECO Ultra-Microbes - Consortium of Three Different Types of Microbes

Introduction: ECO Ultra-Microbes are a consortium of three different types of microbes that are cultivated from rugged environments such as undersea vents or sites where there is volcanic activity. They are then bred and naturally enhanced in sea water and ammonia using sweet Texas crude oil as their only food source. With water, oxygen and an organic food source (such as oil) these microbes will form vast colonies and digest andremediate oil on land and on water, as well as grease traps, septic tanks, storm drains and almost any other area where contaminants are present. 油污分解菌 海洋中有天然的石油降解微生物,能自然分解油酯,它從海底的通風口及火山的環境中取出,經由生物技術結合了3中嗜油菌的優點,其自然分解油酯可達到快速又自然的油污清理效果

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Main Export Product: environmental protection equipments,oil spill,skimmer,oil skimmer,boom,oil boom,container with oil spill kits,oil tank,tank,absorbent,pump Main Export Market: Belize, Mainland China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Republic Of China, Kazakhstan, Romania