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Ecoceane Oil Cleanup Vessels 工作船與油污處理船

Features:  。Designed to recover hydrocarbons and solid floating waste at sea 。Possible to recover all types of floating and liquid waste(hydrocarbons) 。Each vessel is adapted to the needs of a particular environment and a specific type of operation Introduction: Ecoceane has focused its energies on researching, developing, building and marketing its patented, versatile vessels. Our solutions cover ports, coastlines, lakes and rivers, the oil industry, and ocean-going and polar operations. All our vessels, ranging from 7 to 46 meters in length, are equipped with our revolutionary technology. ECOCEANE 集中研究、開發、建設的多功能船 ,全船擁有革命性的技術,船體為 鋁合金打造 , 不易因碰撞產生火花 , 可回收在海面上的漏油和固體垃圾。處理範圍包括港口、海岸線、湖泊、河流、石油工業和遠洋和極地操作。船隻長度範圍從7米至46米, 回收油污採取自然水流方式,讓油污不因翻滾而產生乳化現象,仍可保持原油的狀態。此船為油污處理專用船,為我國的環境污染處理技術向上提升之里程碑。

Flexible Boom - Substitute For the Conventional Booms/Easy to Carry with Small Volume

Features: 。Light Weight 2.0 kg/m ~ 6.0 kg/m 。Easy to Carry with Small Volume, Money and Manpower Saving 。Applied to do training or drill daily as well as the emergency response 。Thickness of Foam is only 20mm (Flat Type)  which weighs half of the round type Specification: 。Two piece of 2~6 m Length per set Freeboard : 25cm 。Draft : 40 cm (Customer Design Acceptable) 。Working range 0o~180o angle Description: Applied to vessels when loading and unloading oil on dock in shores or ship to ship. Substitute for the conventional booms, it saves time and manpower. Benefits: 。Light Weight, Only Two men work 。 High Mobility, Fast Response 。High Economic benefits

Oil absorbent Rolls 捲狀吸油棉 - 100% Polypropylene

。Material: 100% Polypropylene 。 Dimension: 95cm X 43cm 。 Weight: Approx. 16kg/Case, 400gsm 。 Packing: 1Roll/Bag 。 Oil Absorbency: >15(ASTM D726-1981) 。 Absorbing Capacity: Up to 63 Gal./Roll

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Main Export Product: environmental protection equipments,oil spill,skimmer,oil skimmer,boom,oil boom,container with oil spill kits,oil tank,tank,absorbent,pump Main Export Market: Belize, Mainland China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Republic Of China, Kazakhstan, Romania