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Fence Boom - Applied with Reel set, Quick Rack, Working Boat/Saving More Manpower & Material Resource

Specification : 。Light Weight 2.0 kg/m ~ 6.0 kg/m 。Small size, easy transportation and storage 。Applied with Reel set, Quick Rack, Working Boat 。Saving more manpower and material resource 。Helps achieve the response task in training, drill and emergency 。The thickness of flat fence boom is just 20mm 。It weighs half of the column type boom 。Buoy Material : EVA , PVC, column or flat foaming buoy 。Color: International Orange, Red, Yellow etc distinct colors; Black one used in long period. Type     Freeboard    Draft       Total      Weight/meter River      100mm        200mm       300mm       2.0  kg Harbor   250mm        400mm       650mm       2.8  kg Inshore   300mm        600mm       900mm       4.5  kg Offshore 500mm       1000mm      1500mm     6.0  kg Model ECO-FB350 ECO-FB650 ECO-FB900 ECO-FB1200 Freeboard (mm) 150 250 300 400 Draft (mm) 200 400 600 800 Height (mm) 350 650 900 1200 Weight (kg/m) 2.0 3.5 4.5 5.5 Section Length 5,15,20,25m Boom Fabric PVC coated Nylon/Polyester,800gsm +10% , Single layer Tensile Strength >350kgf / 5cm Boom Color Orange Boom Connector Extruded aluminum ASTM 962 standard 1500kgf / 5cm Ballast Hot dipped galvanized chain Buoyancy to Weight 2 : 1 Other Boom Fabric Double layer of PVC (800kgf / 5cm), TPU (Red)                                                                                                                                                                             

Multi-Function Skimmer

Introduction: This skimmer is requested to meet the requirement of recovery of  oils such as gasoline, (and) diesel, (and) crude oil, (and) fuel oil, (and) bunker,(and) weathered heavy oil.  It shall be disc type, as the disc(s) rotate(s) through the oil/water surface, the oil shall adhere to the surface and be removed by a scraper. A common sump and a pump installed inside of the skimmer shall be used to collect and  transfer the product. Also a screen shall be in the front of each pollutant inlet to avoid the suction of debris. A ll necessary driving power for the operation of the skimmer shall be provided by a separate power pack. Model ECO-MS20 ECO-MS45 ECO-MS150 Recovery rate 20 m3/HR 45 m3/HR 150 m3/HR Number of Brush 2 4 4 Weight 30kgs 50kgs 250kgs Dimensions(LxWxH) 130x130x50cm 150x150x70cm 240x240x100cm Body construction Maine Grade Aluminum with Paint Outlet gauge 2 inch with cam-lock 3 inch with cam-lock 3 or 4 inch with cam-lock Oil transfer pump Power require: >10HP ECO SC02 pump Power require: 25HP ECO SC03 pump Power require: >25HP ECO SC04 pump

Tow-able Tank  ( Marine Type ) - Floats on Surface of Water/Full size optional/Maintenance Free

Features : 。Spread the tank and fill it with the oily water skimmed by skimmers 。Floats on surface of water 。Dragged steadily by working boat 。Can stand on deck or land steadily 。Full size optional, small size, maintenance free. 。Can be used to store gas or drinking water as well. Specification : 。Capacity:  1t ,3t,5t,10t,15t,20t,25t,30t ,50t ,100t 。Base Material :  Polyester  or Nylon or Polyamide 。Coating : PU/PVC(50/50)  or PU or PE or UR/PVC or PE/PVC heat resistant, UV rays resistant; acid, alkali and solvent endurable 。Working Temperature:  +70℃~-10℃。 。Outlet/Inlet Gauge : 1“~3” 。Accessories: Solar Flashlight, storage bag, quick coupler, auxiliary buoy Model ECO-MT10 ECO-MT25 ECO-MT50 ECO-MT100 Capacity 10m3 25m3 50m3 100m3 Full Size (approx.) 6x2x0.9m 11x2.5x1m 17x3x1m 18x3.5x1.7m Dry Weight (approx.) 100kg 210kg 300kg 450kg Fabric TPU / PVC / Hypalon coated Nylon / polyester Tensile Strength >350kgf / 5cm Color Orange / Red / Black Buoyancy Two inflated airbags along length of tank on the top of both sides Towing Connector On each side, extruded aluminum ASTM 962 standard 1500 kgf / 5cm Inlet/Oulet 2Nos. x PVC ball valve with cam-lock, dia2”or 3” Man enter way 80cm 1No. 2Nos. 2Nos. 2Nos. Temperature 0℃ to 70℃ Towing Speed Empty 10~12 Knots, Full 4~5 Knots  

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