Rubber Boom - Prevent Spill’s Expanding & transmission/Oil & UV rays resisting/Flexible Supporting Pole in Airbag

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    Key Features

    Features :
    。Two layers of high density fiber as the frame
    。Coating finest synthetic rubber
    。Oil/Wear/Sea water corrosion/UV rays resisting
    Fit to long term use application
    。Special designed air valve, easy to fill up,  good pressurization
    。Auto aerator and releaser optional
    。Flexible supporting pole in airbag, freeboard and draft height guarantee
    。Stand erect and avoid leaking out
    。Working symmetrically, two ways containment
    。Convenient Use
    。Smooth surface, easy to clean up
    。NEOPRENE compound rubber

    Rubber Boom is the major equipment that used to besiege oil spill, prevent spill’s expanding and transmission.  It is most used in offshore, harbors, bays, rivers, oil drilling platform and even areas where emergency happened to vessels.

    Superior to general rubber, bring less corruptibility and ageing which caused by high temperature, chemicals, weak acid and alkali and sea water.

    Product Certification


    • Pressure Inflatable Boom


    Small Order Recommendation

    Rubber Boom
    USD 140.00-140.00
    Skimmer Boat
    USD 9,000.00-9,000.00
    Free Shipping
    Ever- dry
    USD 990.00-990.00
    Free Shipping
    Floating Oil Spill Containment Boom
    USD 134.40-134.40
    Tow-able Tank  ( Marine Type )
    USD 20,000.00-20,000.00