U-Type Inflatable Oil Containment Boom and Skimmer

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    We have been producing high-quality oil containment booms since 2003.


    • Type:Oil Skimmer

    Key Features

    -Dimensions: 160 cm in height x 150 m in length.
    -Inflatable oil containment boom made of nylon coating and Hypalon rubber.
    -Used to collect and contain oil spills.
    -Equipped with ballasts to reduce wave generations and stabilize water flows.
    -The U-section of the boom can separate oil and maintain thickness of oil layers.

    The middle section, there are ballasts to reduce the wave generation and stabilize the water flow. The third layer of the rear U section can initially separate the oil and maintain the oil layer thickness. Free board : 55cm Draft : 105cm Total:160cm 150M

    Material – Nylon coating  Hypalon rubber.

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    • Minimum Order:1 Set/ Sets


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